Build envelope WxDxH (mm): 200 x200 x112
Nozzle diameter (mm): .5 ( .35 is optional)
Layer thickness (mm): .25 (.1 to .4 possible)
Speed (mm/s): Perimeter 150 mm/s, Travel 300 mm/s, Small Perimeters 80 mm/s
Positioning precision: .04 mm
In real-life testing, prototypes often should be fitted in existing systems. High voltage applications also requires custom housing. We use plastic 3D printing technology to quickly create custom housing and structures for the applications to test or demonstrate.
Our current capacity:
Send us your STL file to get a quotations for printing!
We can print in 12 different materials using various colors.
The ability to print polycarbonate, puts us in a fairly unique position.